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Divivor’s Cel Shader is a Post Process ONLY Material Pack for the Unreal Engine 4, which offers Outlines, Rim Lighting and even supports colored Lights and Emissive Materials!

It contains 2 Master Materials: Cel Shader (with Rim Light) and an Outline material.
A documentation is included inside the ZIP File! 

Supported Versions: 4.20 - 4.25

Features and Details

(Base pass instruction amount can differ depending on the parameters used)

Cel Shader Material

● Base Cel Shading with Light and Shadow Colors
● Additional Tint Colors
● 4 Light Level layers for RGB Lights and Emissive Materials
● Supports Default UE4 Lighting
● Rim Lighting and Shadows with custom Colors and Strength
● Specular Boost to combine Reflections and Cel Shading
● Custom Depth Support for Cel Shading and Rim Lighting
● Base pass shader without light map: ~29 Instructions
● Base pass vertex shader: ~36 instructions

Outline Material

● Change Strength and Color
● Fade with Depth, useful for hiding background Skyboxes
● Custom Depth Support
● Translucency Support
● Base pass shader without light map: ~33 Instructions
● Base pass vertex shader: ~36 instructions


● Demo and Overview Maps, containing the scenes from the screenshots
● 2 Base Material Instances and 7 Example Instances included

If you want to support my work, then check out my other Assets as well: https://assets.divivor.eu/


You are free to use this asset in any Unreal Engine Project for personal or commercial use.
You do not need to ask me for permission.
You do also not need to mention me in your work. 
You can still do it though if you want.

Exception to this may be the Mannequin from the Unreal Engine, so make sure to read the FAQ before releasing content with the Unreal Engine: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/faq 

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Install instructions

  1. Download the ZIP File
  2.  Unpack it
  3. Open the UE4 Project
  4. Migrate the Contents of the Project into your own
  5. Read the Documentation for more Info


DCS_1_0b.zip 14 MB